giovedì 29 marzo 2012

Squared̻: 3 Lotus Mendes Giveaways!

Squared̻: 3 Lotus Mendes Giveaways!: GIVEAWAY TIME If you are as in love with these rings as we are, then this is your opportunity to have one! Lotu...

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  1. Hun! You are so sweet! Just read this and saw you wanted to participate! I just want to make sure your information is entered. Since I see you posted about the giveaway, and that you followed the rules...
    You should enter your information on the Rafflecopter box. At the end of the post. It'll ask you to either register with your Gmail account or with your Facebook account. The procedure is very simple and fast, which is why we decided to use it with the rafflecopter. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I just wanted to make sure your name was entered so that you can participate to win!!
    So, here's the link: